The perfect social club for kids who like it quiet!

Check Mates is a social Chess and Checkers group for Neurodiverse kids aged 6 to 16 years. A class for beginners and intermediate players.

Chess is a great activity for Autistic children that teaches critical thinking. As an indoor, seated activity it is accessible to all who would like to learn.

We will be meeting weekly at the Mitchell Park Recreation and Community Centre on Tuesdays 11am to 12:30pm.

Group meetings will last for 90min and include instructional time and playing time. 

Our teachers are patient and ready to guide your kids through the steps to learn this wonderful game and sport. 

Where: Mitchell Park Sport and Community Centre
When: Tuesday mornings 11am to 12:30pm
How much: $48.50 per session*
Group Size: Groups are capped at 16 participants

*NDIS Payments accepted for Plan and Self Managed participants using a Core funds code.

Check Mates meetings take place during the day on weekdays to suit Autistic children who are homeschooling, who are on reduced school attendance or currently on school exclusion.

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Chess is an excellent game for autistic children, offering a range of benefits that exercise the mind and provide an inclusive sporting experience. Here some ways chess can help autistic kids...

Enhanced concentration with reduced interaction: Chess allows for social interaction without the need for excessive talking or team discussion, making it an excellent sport for improving concentration and thinking skills.

Understanding the concept of winning and losing: Winning pieces during a game of chess is an easy way for autistic students to associate their gains with a clear outcome.

Building patience: Chess requires long periods of sitting and concentration, making it an ideal activity for Neurodiverse children to develop their tolerance for prolonged periods of concentration and stillness.

Developing forward-thinking: Chess teaches children that every move has a consequence and encourages them to think ahead to anticipate their opponent's response.

Improved social skills: Chess provides a safe space for children to interact and make friends, without the need for excessive touching or noise.

Gaining perspective: Chess involves anticipating an opponent's next move, helping young people develop their perspective-taking skills.

Coping with loss: Chess teaches children the importance of healthy competition and how to cope with both winning and losing.

Reduced Anxiety: Focusing all their energy on the chessboard can help Autistic children avoid overthinking other topics or conversations and reduce anxiety.

Discovering hidden talents: Chess can help children discover their inner aptitudes and develop skills they may excel at.

Learning a new skill: Finally, chess is a great hobby or sport for Autistic children to learn, providing a fun and engaging activity to enjoy either alone or with others.


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Each one hour session costs $48.50 to attend. We encourage participants to enrol for multiple weeks to allow for skill development.

Cancellations with 48hrs notice will not be charged.

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