Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you meet?

Currently we have 3 locations around Adelaide. On Mondays we are at Fulham Community Centre, Wednesdays at Cumberland Park Community Centre and Thursdays are at Reynella Neighbourhood Centre. We will only open new sites when we have certainty that the quality of what we are offering to our existing groups would not be compromised.

Can I drop and go or stay?

We require a supervising adult to stay and be responsible for each participant. This can be a parent, support worker, carer, family member or anyone you are happy to nominate as the carer on site. That carer can be as involved or as separated as they choose. Some parents choose to sit in the car or outside to have distance but be close if needed. Others get involved and join in the fun. Different kids benefit from different levels of support in social environments and we respect the parents and carers ability to judge what is best, and the child's right to ask for the supports they need. 

Can I bring my child's sibling?

We absolutely understand that it can be difficult to manage having a parent on site when there are other children in the family. If you have a sibling who would need to come to the group meetings we are happy to support that. Especially as we find some members will gain confidence from having that sibling present and siblings add to the diversity of personalities the kids can socialise with. In this case we ask you to simple recognise the following...
1) The un-enrolled sibling will not be counted in our staff ratios. The staff are there to support the group members and additional children present will be the responsibility of the parent or carer to supervise.
2) The un-enrolled sibling is a guest in the space. While they will absolutely be welcome and accommodated they may be asked to wait until members have had turns and we ask they remember that they are there to support members, not distract from their experience.
3) On some focal events there is a per-head cost associated with running the event. In these cases, for us to include a sibling we will need to charge for the attendance of the un-enrolled sibling. This will not be a full charge, simply a small amount to cover out-of-pocket costs associated with including them. This will be invoiced after the event on a separate invoice. Events that attract a sibling cost will be marked on our schedule with an asterix.

Does my child have to do the primary activity?

At Spectrum Connect one of our primary rules is that no is forced to do anything they don't want to do. The primary activity is there as an opportunity to try something but is definitely not mandatory. We do encourage member to listen to any introductions before making up their mind, but even that isn't strictly enforced. Every meeting has a variety of games, toys and activities set up so there is plenty of opportunities to be entertained even when not participating in the main activity.

Can I pay with NDIS?

You can claim payments for the group meetings on NDIS if you are self or plan managed provided you have a goal that identifies relevant support needs. When you enrol we ask you to identify a preferred funding pool and the wording of the goal you would like us to primarily work to assist with. We can then identify the best funding options. We are also happy to discuss matters with your plan manager or support coordinator if you would like additional guidance.

How big are the groups?

Each group is capped at a capacity of 24 participants. This is specifically related to enrolled members which often means more people in the hall space as that will include staff, parents and some siblings.

What is the support ratio of staff?

We provide staff at a 1 to 3 ratio to ensure that there are plenty of friendly adults to help facilitate the events and support the kids having fun. If a child needs a higher level of support to be involved in the space you are welcome to send a support worker with the participant to help them. We are happy to work with them and create positive social experiences.

What is you cancellation policy? 

Cancellations with more than 48hrs notice attract no charge. Unfortunately, within 48hrs staff will have been assigned to support the anticipated number of members present so cancellation will be charged at the full rate unless we are able to fill the position with a late notice extra booking.

If Spectrum Connect is forced to cancel a meeting at late notice, we will contact everyone enrolled as quickly as possible. As we believe it is hypocritical for participants to have consequences for late cancellation, but providers don't, we have instigated a credit policy. If we ever cancel a program position at late notice due to our own organisational causes we will offer every affected participant a free cancellation credit. This will allow that participant to cancel at late notice without cost in the future.

Does my child need a diagnosis to enrol?

For many people, getting an official diagnosis takes a long time or costs a lot of money. We don't think it's necessary to wait for that to be in place to participate in our group. We welcome all forms of Neurodiversity in the group and are happy to accept people who have self diagnosed. If you believe that a group for Autistic and Neurodivse kids is the right place for your child then we are happy to welcome them.

How do I enrol my child?

We have an online booking form that we ask new members to fill in. On the form we ask for relevant contact information and NDIS information if applicable. Simply fill in the form and select an initial set of dates you would like to book in for. This can be as many or few days as you choose. To add additional dates, simply email the group organisers to request adjustment. To cancel additional dates simply email and all cancellations with more than 48hrs notice has no cancellation fee.

Once we have received the online booking form we will email to confirm we have your information. That email will include a link to a second form. This form asks for some addition information about the new member to help us best support them while we get to know them.

To access our booking form you can click HERE