Team Mentor Work Experience

Each term we offer an opportunity for a local high-school age student to gain work experience working with our youth groups. The idea of the role is for neurodiverse students to gain leadership skills and work experience with an organisation who will understand their support needs, minimising anxiety with a first work place experience.

The position is a free opportunity. Participants are expected to arrive before 4pm to help staff with last minute preparations for group meetings. During meetings the mentor is expected to be a participant with the younger kids as a role model. At the end of the meeting they are expected to assist the staff in packing up the equipment and tidying the hall. They are also asked to provide feedback to our staff about ways we could grow and improve our program from their perspective.

Their presence helps our younger participants by giving them an older child they can talk to about the high school experience and who they can identify with.

At the end of the term they receive a certificate of completion and a letter of recommendation from the program. 

If you are interested to learn more about this opportunity please use the button below to access out contact form and message Kathryn with an enquiry.