Kids Clubs

Spectrum Connect host weekly Kids Clubs for Autistic and Neurodiverse youth who are aged between 6 and 13 years of age. The groups aim to provide opportunities for Autistic kids to build social networks and try new experiences in safe environments. By creating spaces that are supportive of the needs of Autistic youths, we reduce stress associated with negotiating social situations. With some of those stresses reduced, the children can engage with peers for prolonged periods with more positive outcomes.

The groups have 3 primary goals…
1) Promote social skills by offering supportive environments in which Autistic children can engage with peers to develop their own toolkit of authentic socialisation techniques.
2) Develop fine and gross motor skills by offering a diverse range of primary and secondary entertainment activities that have been selected specifically to support the needs of Autistic and Neurodiverse children.
3) Foster a sense of belonging and community by creating a supportive environment where Autistic children can spend time developing friendships with peers who have shared life experiences. 

To enrol please click here to link to our booking form.

Please note: A supervising adult is required to stay on site with the children. 


All our halls offer large spaces which we are able to divide into 4 separate functional areas. We have space for high energy activities, quiet time outs, artistic/cooperative play and, of course, space for our special entertainment which is different each week. For the schedule of entertainments please select from our locations below.

Cumberland Park Community Centre

390 Goodwood Rd, Cumberland Park

Wednesdays @4pm

See schedule

Fulham Community Centre

19 Fitch Rd, Fulham

Mondays @4pm

See schedule

Reynella Neighbourhood Centre

164-170 Old South Rd, Old Reynella

Thursdays @4pm

See schedule


Each meeting costs $78.00 to attend. For your first booking you must register into our system using the booking system which can be found by clicking here. You can select as many or as few dates as you wish. We will reserve your dates and collect some information about the new member. Invoices will be sent weekly after each meeting either to yourself or to your nominated plan manager.

*NDIS available to members on Self Managed Plans or with Plan Management providers assuming suitable goals.

Per visit


NDIS payment accepted*

At the end of each term, members who have attended 5 or more meetings will be issued a "report" on their attendance which can be used for NDIS plan reviews.

Please note: Due to staff level requirements, bookings cancelled with less than 48hrs notice will still require payment in full.

= $78.00 per meeting

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Past Entertainments...

Video Games in Real Life

Plate Spinning and Juggling

Acrylic Paint Pour Bears

Bubble Making Workshop

Cookie Decorating

Pedal Kart Racing

Water Play Day

African Drum Making