As society improves its awareness of Neurodiversity, more and more mainstream events are look to improve their accessibility and provide accommodations to assist Autistic customers. When its done right, it is a wonderful and affirming inclusion. When done wrong it can look messy and careless.

Larger conventions, functions and events can be particularly difficult to manage for Neurodiverse attendees. Offering a sensory room where overwhelmed people can relax and regulate can make a huge difference to the experience and ability to attend for some people.

Spectrum Connect has now compiled a hire package which allows busy event spaces to create a Sensory escape room. All you need to provide is the space and we can do the rest. Items will be delivered, installed, supervised for the duration of the event and then removed at the end.

Each package can be adapted to the needs of your event. We with each client the nature of the event, its duration, likely audience demographic, room size available and make recommendations on the best combination of the following items.

Available items include...

The right selection of items will vary depending on a number of circumstances including the demographic likely to attend your event, the size of the space being offered, the duration of your event and more. We are happy to talk you through the options and help with recommendations on a package.

Curtaining to divide the space

Cordless adjustable lighting

Bell tent for out-door festivals

Compression Peace Pod

Freestanding hammock chairs

Cantilever chairs

Beanbags and crash mats

Black out tents

Basket of noise reduction headphones

Selection of sensory focusing items

Soft blankets

Weighted lap rugs and items

Packages start from $700

Includes delivery, set up, staff supervision and removal.

Please contact our staff to discuss hire package options.
A small room with a bean bag, a comfortable chair and a small black tent. The room is lit with filtered natural light and has a table of fidget items in the corner.