Cumberland Park Community Centre

Meetings happen on Wednesday afternoons from 4pm to 5:45pm! 

The meetings are set up to allow the kids space to be themselves. Parents are asked to stay on site. They are welcome to find a quiet corner or join in the chaos and fun as they choose.

Meetings start at 4pm with kids arriving and getting comfortable in the space. Activities generally start at 4:15pm and finish by 5:30pm. The last 15min are a soft close out process for kids with difficulty transitioning invited to help us pack up the event.

Scroll down for our schedule of entertainments and pricing. We plan our schedule around the school terms but you can join in anytime. Enrol in 1 meeting to come along and try it out, the whole term, or just pick and choose the dates that look fun. It's entirely up to you.

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Autumn Term Schedule

Each group meeting has a focal entertainment. Participation is entirely voluntary and the kids can choose to be involved for as much or as little of the event as they wish.

Autumn Term runs from May 8th to June 26th.





Ready! Aim! Paint!

Load your bow with a painty arrow and launch it at your canvas to create a masterpiece with bright splodges of colour.

*Additional charge for siblings to participate this week




Candle Making*

Choose your colour, shape and scent to customise a candle just right for you.

*Additional charge for siblings to participate this week




Theatre Sports

Improvise stories to create imaginative tales while working together with your fellow group members. Hosted by Story Snorts.




Kids in the Kitchen - Lollipops

Yes, we are making candy from scratch! We will be boiling sugar, adding colours and creating our own lollipops to sample.

* Gluten free, nut free, dairy free allergies all catered for. Please check if you have other dietary requirements.




Mad Hatter's Tea Party

We provide the materials so the kids can create the biggest, craziest hat they can envisage. At the end we will share a snack modelling our new fashions.





Let it rip! 

A variety of Beyblades. A variety of stadiums. A variety of tournament styles. A chance to get hands on with Beyblades and battle till you burst.




Basket Weaving

A chance to make something with our hands. Using natural materials to weave layers and finish with a basket you made with your own hands.




Video Games in Real Life

We are bringing games off the screen and into the real world. Throwing birds at pigs, racing Mario again Donkey Kong, throwing Pokeballs at Pikachu... that and more.


390 Goodwood Rd
Cumberland Park


Each meeting costs $78.00 to attend. For your first booking you must register into our system using the booking system which can be found by clicking here. You can select as many or as few dates as you wish. We will reserve your dates and collect some information about the new member. Invoices will be sent weekly after each meeting either to yourself or to your nominated plan manager.

*NDIS available to members on Self Managed Plans or with Plan Management providers assuming suitable goals.

Per visit


NDIS payment accepted*

At the end of each term, members who have attended 5 or more meetings will be issued a "report" on their attendance which can be used for NDIS plan reviews.

Please note: Due to staff level requirements, bookings cancelled with less than 48hrs notice will still require payment in full.

= $78.00 per meeting

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