What to Expect this week at the Fulham Kid's Club

Heading into week 4 of the term already and looking forward to continuing what has been a great start to the term :)

We are expecting 16 members at the meeting this week.

Our Main Activity

For the primary activity this week, we are running our kids in the kitchen activity, making and eating lollipops!

This week, we are back in the kitchen to make some lollipops from scratch! We are using the hotplates and saucepan to boil the sugar to make the syrup, to pour it into the moulds of your choice. You will have the option of different tastes, shapes, colours and additional lollies to add to your lollipop. Wait for them to cool down and harden, and they're ready to eat!

* Gluten free, nut free, dairy free allergies all catered for. Please check if you have other dietary requirements.

The Staff this week...

This week you will be supported by these members of the Spectrum team...

Kat Grey


Joshua Spooner


Sarah Hayes


Kat Coppock


Fin Ryan


Lucy Ferguson


Ethan Rush


Ena Madden


Where we meet...

Every week we meet at the Fulham Community Center


The hall looks like this on the outside

Our main hall space

Inside you will find out play area with areas for high energy play, board games and artistic fun.

Our Chill Out area

If things get a bit loud you can head into our quiet Chill Out room for a rest

Outside Play space

You are also welcome to use out outside play area where we usually get a few running games happening towards the end of the meeting for those who want to join in.

Parents and adults

All parents and other adults who attend the group are welcome to join in the activities if they want to, or they can find a quiet place to sit. There are a number of seats around the hall or there is a small kitchenette area a little away from the noise where you can wait.

  • Monday
    04:00pm - 05:45pm
  • Tuesday - Sunday